Alfardan Exchange Announces Membership into the Union of Arab Banks (UAB)

Nationally Distinguished Organization Becomes the First Exchange House in Qatar to Join the UAB in Time with Celebrating 50 Years of Achievements,

(Qatar) February 2021 – Alfardan Exchange announced its membership into the Union of Arab Banks (UAB), becoming the first exchange house in Qatar to join the regional organization which exists to unite banks and financial institutions by acting as a liaison.

The Union of Arab Banks seeks to Support ties and strengthen cooperation, develop banking and financial work in Arab countries and Optimize the roles that Arab banks and financial institutions play in the economic and societal development of Arab countries

Partnering with over 320 major institutions, the UAB’s mission perfectly aligns with the mission of Alfardan Exchange to strengthen relations with banks and financial institutions in the Arab world.

“This step comes in time with celebrating our 50th anniversary, where our constant quest to strengthen relations and open up opportunities and prospects for cooperation with prestigious financial institutions such as banks, exchange companies, etc. throughout the Arab world is paying off. This is reflected in our providing of more distinguished and innovative solutions and services to our customers, and it also strengthens our leadership in the sector in the State of Qatar,” Mr. Fahad Hussain Alfardan, President of Alfardan Exchange

Where the Union of Arab Banks seeks to join together banks and financial institutions, Alfardan Exchange seeks to break the divide between large institutions and customers. For half a century, Alfardan Exchange has provided world class exchange solutions and financial services to the people of Qatar, establishing themselves as the gold standard of exchange houses across the country.

Through innovative partnerships with banks and prestigious financial institutions from around the world, Alfardan Exchange provides the most elite access to financial services to their customers, regardless of location thanks to the exclusive digital services for their customers.

About Alfardan Exchange

Alfardan Exchange is Qatar’s premier exchange house and it was ranked as the top Exchange House in Qatar by Forbes and amongst the top 20 Exchange Houses in the Middle East. offering financial services with the best rates and competitive margins, in addition to faster and more efficient services. Launched in 1971, Alfardan Exchange was created to meet the demands of a country facing a rapid influx of expatriates and overseas businesses. Through the use of innovative partnerships and unconventional transacting channels, Alfardan Exchange rapidly became the gold standard for effortless exchange and exceptional customer service. What sets Alfardan Exchange apart from conventional banks is the outstanding care and consideration for their customers, focusing on the success of the customer rather than the institution. This commitment to excellence and moral ethics has launched Alfardan Exchange to the top of their industry, gaining recognition both locally and internationally.

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