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Product Overview

What is the Multi-currency Cash Passport™ ?

The platinum Multi-currency Cash Passport™ Prepaid Mastercard® (later referred to as "Card" or "Multi-currency Cash Passport™") is a chip and PIN protected, convenient way to carry up to 6 Currencies# every time you travel. Use it to pay for goods and services or to withdraw local currency from ATMs worldwide1 - anywhere you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark. Load it with Qatari Riyals, US Dollars, Great British Pounds, Euros, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars#, in whatever combination suits you. And with chip and PIN protection and Global Assistance for peace of mind, your Multi-currency Cash Passport™ may be the only travel money card you'll ever need.

Look forward to a whole new world of great benefits: 

Platinum benefits

• Mastercard Buy One Get One offers
• UAE serviced apartments discounts
• Up to 30% of Clear Trip
• Schengen Approved Medical Insurance
• Priceless City Offers


• Chip and PIN protected
• Not linked to your bank account
• 24/7 Global Assistance
• Additional Card available


• Avoid currency fluctuations by loading funds in advance
• Load your Card as many times as you like
• Reload at any participating branch


• Reloadable
• Spend or withdraw local currency wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance mark
• Acceptance Mark, with applicable transaction fees*
• Move your money across the various Currencies online via My Account
• Use unspent funds on your next trip or cash out your Card

Card Security


Unfortunately, terms like 'ID theft' and 'Fraud' are all too familiar nowadays. We are very aware of the threat and concerns you have regarding such issues, which is why fraud prevention is of paramount importance to us.

We know our customers. Every day we monitor activity on Multi-currency Cash Passports to detect unusual behaviour, and if we spot something uncharacteristic, we'll contact you to verify your transactions.

How to help ensure the security of your Card:

  • Sign your Card immediately when you receive it
  • Check your transactions regularly through 'My Account' and report anything unusual immediately
  • If you print statements from the internet, keep them safe and shred them when you've finished using them
  • Never give your personal details to someone who phones you claiming to be from a reputable company
  • Don't give out your details in response to unsolicited email
  • Be wary of anyone who asks for common security details like your mother's maiden name, date of birth, or information about your work
  • Never give your PIN to anyone, not even if they claim to be from your Card issuer or Card Services
  • Shield your PIN and don't let yourself get distracted when using ATMs or point of sale terminals - somebody may be trying to get to know your PIN 

ATM Fraud

Never write down your PIN or keep it with the Card. Be very alert when using ATMs, and ensure that:

  • The machine has not been tampered with
  • No strange cameras or devices are installed on these machines
  • Nobody can watch you entering your PIN
  • Card and cash are concealed and safe before you leave the machine
  • You retain any printed records for safe disposal at a later time

If your Card is retained, please contact Card Services immediately, for assistance.

Counterfeit Fraud

Always keep your Card in sight when making a purchase or it may get skimmed. "Skimming" occurs when the genuine data on a card's magnetic strip is electronically copied onto another card, allowing fraudsters to steal the funds on a card. This can happen, for example, at petrol stations, restaurants, and ATMs. Skimmed information is often sold on to organized crime groups.

Don't get caught in the net

When online, it's important that you use a secure browser. A browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox will indicate whether the website you are visiting is secure or not. These browsers scramble your personal data before sending it, so no one else can read it. Ensure that your computer has up-to-date virus protection software. A firewall will also help protect you from attacks.

To buy, or not to buy

Know who you are dealing with. Use reputable companies and services and type their internet address into the browser yourself. Don't give out your details in response to unsolicited emails and if the website gives you the option of using a secure checkout, opt for yes.

Just as you save till receipts in case you need to return or exchange something, you need to keep a record of all transactions too. Print and save a copy of your completed order form and confirmation.


"Phishing" is an attempt by fraudsters to "fish" for card, account or personal details. Phishing attempts usually appear as an email, apparently from your bank or card issuer, often falsely concerned with your security. You are then encouraged to click a link to a fraudulent log in page, which in reality has been designed to capture your details. If we contact you by email, we will NEVER ask you to click on a link that directs you to enter or confirm your security details. If you are in any doubt regarding the authenticity of an email regarding your Multi-currency Cash Passport, telephone our Card Services team immediately for clarification.


"Pharming" employs the same type of tricks as Phishing to lure you to a site address, but uses hidden software to redirect you from real websites to the fraudulent ones.

This is particularly clever as it hijacks trusted brands of well-known banks, online retailers and card issuing companies and convinces you to respond under cover of trust to enter your personal details. Remember, if you are asked to type yourPIN into a website along with your Card details, it is probably a fraudulent website, and you should close the browser and contact Card Services immediately.

Adding Money
to your Card

Even with a zero balance, your Card is still valid until the expiry date printed on the front, and you can reload it for your next trip.

Our Branches

  • Grand Hamad Street Doha
  • Contact Center: +974 4453 7777

  • Najma Street Behind Gulf Cinema
  • Contact Center: +974 4453 7777

  • MALL OF QATAR - infront Carrefour Alkassarat
  • Street no.29 near Dubai Shopping Centre
  • Contact Center: +974 4453 7777

  • Commercial Street no. 740, Building 84
  • Contact Center: +974 4453 7777

  • Shop No LG 030A
  • Lusail
  • Contact Center: +974 4453 7777
  • Building no 93 Street no 840,
  • Zone no 39 Unit NO 7-8
  • Contact Center: +974 4453 7777
  • Building no. 27 Street no. 850
  • Zone no. 23 Unit no-01
  • Contact Center: +974 4453 7777
  • Basement Level
  • Contact Center: +974 4453 7777

  • Abdulrehman bin Jassim Street near Hospital Roundabout
  • Contact Center: +974 4453 7777

  • Alfardan Exchange Building
  • Contact Center: +974 4453 7777

  • Old Airport Road,
  • Building No. 79, Street 990, Zone 45
  • Contact Center: +974 4453 7777

  • Shop No: MS10-B, Ground Floor,
  • Next to Al Meera Hypermarket
  • Building No: 750, Street No: 364, Zone 54.
  • Contact Center: +974 4453 7777
  • Building no 441 Street no 100
  • Basement Shop no. 01 and 02 Zone 66
  • Pearl Qatar
  • Contact Center: +974 4453 7777

Just return to any participating Alfardan Exchange Branch in Qatar and they can reload it for you.

How to Register
for 'My Account'

Visit the ‘My Account‘ page on this website, select 'New Registration' and register your Multi-currency Cash Passport to check your balance, review your transaction history, and transfer money between Currencies or to update your personal details. You will need the last 4 digits of your Card number every time you log into ‘My Account'.

Register Now

Transactions and
Balance Enquiries

Simply register your Card in 'My Account' and you'll be able to see your Multi-currency Cash Passport balance(s), move funds across your various Currencies, and view any recent transactions. You may also be able to make a balance enquiry at some ATMs, although availability is dependent on the country and the ATM used. There may be a fee payable (to the ATM operator) for balance enquiries. If an ATM displays a balance for the Card, then this may be displayed in a different currency than the Currencies on your Card, in which case the exchange rate applied may be different to ours and a variation may occur. An ATM will not display a separate balance for each Currency. An accurate balance for each Currency can be obtained through 'My Account' or by phoning Card Services and using the automated balance service.

If you have any queries about your Multi-currency Cash Passport balance or you notice a Card transaction that you do not recognise, please notify the 24 hour Card Services team as soon as possible and in any event within thirty (30) days of the transaction debit date. They will be happy to check and confirm the transaction details for you. If there is a transaction which is not correct, Card Services can start the dispute process on your behalf and may request you to provide additional written information concerning any unrecognised transaction, or to complete a dispute form (see your terms and conditions for further information). Please help them to assist you by providing as much information as you can. It is recommended that you check your transaction history and Card balance at least once a month.

Replace or Cash Out

Card Expiry

When your Multi-currency Cash Passport has expired, you can return to any participating branch of the Purchase Location to redeem any unspent funds on the Card. Payment will be made to you in QAR (Qatari Riyal), please check with the branch for details of the exchange rates applied. A fee may also apply - please check with the branch for more information.

Please see the 'Cash out and close' section below for options of redeeming your available balance and closing the Card before it has expired.

Cash Out and Close
(before Card Expiry)

If your Card is still valid but you would prefer not to keep it for another trip, you can withdraw your remaining balance (assuming it is within the ATM's issuing limits) from an ATM displaying the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark.

Alternatively, you can return to any participating branch of the Purchase Location, and have your balance (less any fees and subject to exchange rates) refunded.

Lost, Stolen or
Damaged Cards

If your Multi-currency Cash Passport is lost, stolen or damaged, contact Card Services immediately, so they can cancel the Card. Rest assured, your balance is chip and PIN protected and if you have an Additional Card, you can still access your funds with the Additional Card. If you only have one Card, or both your Cards are lost or stolen, Card Services can offer further assistance, including a Replacement Card or emergency cash replacement up to the available balance on your Card (subject to availability in the relevant location).

Travel Card Services

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Travel Card Fees

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